Hi! I’m Kelsey


I used to live with two bullies.

One bully was my mind. The second bully was our cultures conditionings & “expectations” that were never meant to be met, nor for us to keep up with.

So how did I end this?! What did I do?

Committed to doing the inner work.

I learned to slow down to speed up. I committed to learn what I was really craving. I learned to turn down the noise to tune in. I learned to check in with me daily using my AAAA method mapped out in The 90 Days To Thrive Journal.

I started to unravel the beliefs and ideas that didn’t serve me anymore so I could be free!

This is what I wish for you.

I have a zero tolerance for women suffering to keep up with the standards like I tried to for years.

I realized that I wasn’t alone and I had a duty to help you end this internal battle. This is the moment that this became my life’s work.

Helping you be free from limiting beliefs that keep you stuck & break free from these patterns so you can thrive in your power!

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  • 90 Days To Thrive Journal
  • Meditation Journeys

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